Guest Stays at Monte Sahaja 2024

Guest stays in Monte Sahaja are an opportunity for students who are deeply following Moojibaba’s teachings to immerse themselves in the intensive Satsang environment here. Spending time in Sahaja is to enter Self-retreat, to step into the fire of self-discovery and deep introspection. 

We currently have two scheduled guest stays:
27 May-7 June and 1-12 July 2024.

There is an application process for guest stays and applications are open until 29 February. 

During a guest stay, each one has the opportunity to be completely immersed in Satsang and the contemplative environment in Sahaja. There is a daily program with a morning contemplation, afternoon contemplation and evening program, and other events are scheduled during the day that complement the daily program. 

Live satsang is not a scheduled part of the program, though Moojibaba does spontaneously call us to sit in Satsang with him from time to time.

Who can apply for a guest stay?

Moojibaba’s focus is on guiding seekers who are dedicating their full attention and time to Self-discovery. Those who apply for a guest stay should be established in Moojibaba’s teachings and have been following his guidance in an earnest and consistent way for some time already, particularly the recent Online Retreats and satsangs on Sahaja Express.

In the last months, a significant shift has happened in the way that Satsang is being shared and experienced. In addition to addressing the many questions and challenges presented by seekers on the path, what is strikingly new and powerful is the focus on ‘A Commitment to Self-Discovery’, a guided exercise for abiding in the state of Beingness, under Moojibaba’s loving and supportive presence.

Through this sitting exercise, more and more seekers are confirming the joy, inner silence and clarity arising from the non-dual realisation of the Self. A Guest Stay is for those who are already familiar with this guidance and working with it in a dedicated way.

Find out more about ‘A Commitment to Self-Discovery’

Those who are newer to Moojibaba’s pointings are encouraged to first make use of the wealth of satsang resources available online before applying for a guest stay. The online resources are a powerhouse that allow each one to be in real time with Moojibaba’s guidance and in the pulse of his current Satsang. They form an essential ground that is needed to make the most of a stay at Monte Sahaja. 

We will be prioritising applications of those who have been following Satsang in this way for some time already. As spaces are limited, we will also use a lottery system to help allocate places.

Monte Sahaja Facilities

Monte Sahaja is situated in a rural part of Portugal with many hills, so some physical fitness is required to walk around the land. The surroundings are very beautiful but simple and modest. We have a central area, and accommodations are located around the land, generally about a 5-10 minute walk from the central area. 

Accommodations do not generally have electricity, nor do the showers or toilets (they all have lights, and the showers have hot water). We use compost toilets and bucket showers to conserve water, and these are all shared facilities, located close by the accommodations.

Application Process

We currently have two scheduled guest stays: 27 May – 7 June and 1 – 12 July

Apply for a Guest Stay

Applications for both guest stays will be open until 29 February.

We will let you know the outcome of your application for the May-June period by 22 April, and for the July period by 27 May.

More Info

  • As we will not be able to invite everyone who applies, please do not book any travel without a confirmation that you have been invited.
  • Please take note that the dates for the guest stay are not changeable, and it is not possible to arrive earlier or later, nor to visit Monte Sahaja outside these times.
  • It is possible to apply for both guest stays, but if you receive an invitation it would only be for one of these stays, based on available spaces.
  • It is not possible to apply for someone else; each one must submit their own application
  • The application includes a short video submission (2 minutes maximum) where you can share about your experience of Satsang and why you would like to come for a guest stay to Monte Sahaja. 
  • We may follow-up on some applications with a video call.
  • If you are not able to come during these scheduled dates, keep an eye out for future guest stays.

Important note

The environment in Monte Sahaja is purely for Satsang and deep introspection, and the program here facilitates this entirely. It is understandable that with this focus, inner challenges or distractedness may come up, and Moojibaba and the sangha team here are in full service to support you to overcome all these things. However, if during a stay here, you are not committed to making use of the program, or the environment here is not suitable for you, you may be asked to leave early.