A Note about Individual Requests for Moojibaba

We are often contacted by people from around the world with personal messages they request to be brought to Moojibaba’s attention. Though he does love to hear from his sangha, it has become an overwhelming and near impossible task trying to keep up with the volume of letters and messages coming in. Now, Moojibaba has himself asked not to be sent individual letters or requests. 

Moojibaba’s primary focus is to guide those genuinely in search of God-realisation or the realisation of the Self/Truth. Over the years, Moojibaba has worked tirelessly to provide potent and direct guidance to those who feel drawn to his presence and teachings. This includes answering a broad range of topics on the search for Truth, life, personal identity and the many diverse challenges that come up on the path of Self-discovery. We have countless testimonies as to the transformative power of his words and teachings and the great service it has been to each one’s spiritual growth when applied with earnestness. 

We are aware that some people feel they have a particular question concerning their spiritual practice that Moojibaba has not so far addressed, and send individual questions outside of Satsang events. However, he insists that for all genuine seekers, the answer is present in the core of his teachings if one will openly and earnestly seek them out and follow them. Those who are experiencing an expansion in consciousness and wisdom through his pointers will surely discover within themselves the capacity to resolve all doubts through what he has already shared. In addition to this, the sangha frequently posts new videos of his most recent talks.

Moojibaba feels very much inside his heart that he is corresponding with each and every one beyond the limits of the spoken word. Many of his students around the world have testified to this mysterious grace-filled phenomenon.

Moojibaba says,
“I am with you. Physical distance cannot separate us. Your connection with me is proven through your earnest application of the pointers I give you.
Take it to heart. Let our connection be truly auspicious. Become the evidence that the pointers work, revealing the Truth and completeness you are.”