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An Invitation to Freedom

An Invitation to Freedom is a master key to authentic freedom. A profoundly clear and direct pointing leading to Self-realisation, the Invitation effortlessly cuts through the superficial veils that appear to hide the Self and swiftly introduces the mind to its source, the Heart. It is recognised by today’s seekers as a fresh and auspicious gift of grace from God—the Infinite Self.

Through An Invitation to Freedom, thousands of people around the world are waking up to the natural ever-present Truth as their living, unfading experience. This book dares you to be free. It is quick, simple and powerful. Open it, follow its guidance earnestly, and you will find yourself Home.

This could be the greatest discovery you make in your life.


‘If you are longing for Self-discovery and the urge to be free is alive and compelling,
this Invitation is for you. Grace has put this yearning inside your heart,
and so it is possible to come to this direct recognition without delay.
It works, it works, it works—yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.’

~ Mooji

What people are saying about
An Invitation to Freedom


‘Sharper than the sword of self-inquiry. Sweeter than the nectar of devotion. An Invitation to Freedom is a priceless, most blessed and auspicious gift to humanity.’

~ Ramdas (India)

‘If you open only one book in your life, may it be An Invitation to Freedom. Mooji shows us that all we are looking for is already here, timelessly. The Master’s words guide us to the direct recognition of the silence within, the source of lasting peace and contentment. Accept this Invitation with all your heart—it is all you need to set you free.’

~ Susanne Kienle (Germany)

‘An Invitation to Freedom has the power to bring about the greatest miracle: To establish and confirm you in your true place as pure awareness. It is a mirror, an opening, an unveiling, a subtle but totally profound shift in perspective. It is not a gimmick or a one-hit wonder— it opens the door and takes you all the way home. It is Moojibaba’s presence and grace disguised as a little book.’

~ Tom Corsus (US)

‘Even to hear the Master’s invitation only once is incredible good fortune. To have his wisdom guide me every day through his writing and spoken word is a gem far beyond compare. Accept this Invitation wholeheartedly.’

~ Michel Fijn (Netherlands)

‘This little pocket book moves the world inside of us. It may take an hour to savour fully, yet that hour will feel like a second. Each page peels off another layer of delusion as you swallow and digest each pointing and question. An Invitation to Freedom is like greeting the inner Guru over and over, and meeting him in the most auspicious way until nothing else remains. Endless gratitude to Moojibaba for these divine words.’

~ Jelena Vukosavljevic (Serbia)

‘The Invitation is truly powerful and magical. It guides your attention back to rest in the natural sense of peace and strength within—the place from where nothing needs to be figured out. Thinking is not needed. I don’t know exactly how it works, but it works—every time.’

~ Dan Cleve (Sweden)

‘After years of deepening in self-inquiry, twenty minutes with the Invitation showed me that I had been inquiring as an egoic seeker, always holding on to a little separateness, a little doership. The unsparing light of the Invitation forced its way through all my defenses, past the one seeking, the one inquiring, the one striving for Truth, and finally, finally I can say that I know who I am.’

~ Nihal Parthasarathi (US)

‘In the space of a few minutes, as the Truth of each sentence resonates within, the heavy weight of personal identity drops away. Peace and natural effortlessness remain.’

~ Robertino Paluan (Italy)

‘The Invitation is the greatest gift from existence. All you have to do is to say ‘Yes’ inside the heart and it is like God himself takes you by the hand and walks you back Home to what you truly are. Every time, the same outstanding recognition: I am just here, always here. There is nothing else but this immensity, this eternity, this stillness—it is who I am. Not hocus-pocus, but a very natural, clear and sober seeing. One stands no chance to miss it. The Invitation is so precise, each and every word is vibrating inside the Being. Such a joy, such a blessing! Thank you, Moojibaba!’

~ Mihaela Voda (Romania)

‘The Invitation is an open door into infinity in its full beauty and simplicity. Master’s grace has manifested this naked Truth to call us home to the undivided Reality.’

~ Yared Hsellassie (US)

‘The Invitation is a wonderful gift for everyone who aspires for liberation. After 10 years of practising Self-inquiry, I feel that the Invitation makes this direct path available for anyone who is open to listen and follow the guidance. It is ever fresh and ready to bring us back into our natural state, regardless whether we feel ourselves to be ready or not.’

~ Ewald Bogers (Netherlands)

‘An Invitation To Freedom is an opportunity not to be missed. Wisdom at its kindest. Straight from the Heart.’

~ Sarah Hickmott (Australia)

‘An Invitation to Freedom is Mooji’s most direct guidance. It simply points the true essence of human beings, the Is-ness. It becomes a prayer or mantra, and when read or listened daily, you and The Invitation become One.’

~ Mercedes Reyes (Venezuela)


You have tried it the hard way,
now try it the heart’s way,
the effortless way, for a while.
I have not come to burden you
but rather to free you
of the notion that
you need to work hard
to awaken to the Self.

The Divine is not even
a breath away from you.
It can never be apart from you.
It is the core of your very Being.

~ Mooji


In direct and open interactions with advaita zen master Mooji, those who come with a genuine urge for freedom are pulled by the power of his pointings into the recognition of the infinite Self we are. While Mooji’s presence exudes compassion and devotion, his unity with Truth is also potently shared through self-inquiry—the unsparing light of wisdom which dispels the delusions and suffering common to human experiencing.

Born in Jamaica, Mooji moved to London as a teenager, where he later worked as a street portrait artist and then as an art teacher. In 1987, an encounter with a Christian mystic inspired Mooji to ‘walk out of his life’—an expression he uses to convey the profundity of that meeting. In 1993, Mooji travelled to India, where he met his Master, Sri HWL Poonja, or Papaji. At Papaji’s feet, whatever still remained of an active ego was finally uprooted.

Recognising Mooji’s radiance, people from various parts of the world soon began to approach him to simply sit in his presence and to ask questions regarding their search for Truth. The capacity to guide them arose spontaneously in him. Mooji resides in the UK and Portugal, and continues to share Satsang worldwide with all who yearn to discover their true nature.

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