White Fire

Second Edition

White Fire is a collection of close to 800 sayings encapsulating Mooji's essential spiritual teachings. This Second Edition, though based on the original (2014), is really a new book in itself. Mooji has reviewed each and every quote with his loving attention—tirelessly and boldly taking the pointers to a higher level.

Through this process and in Mooji’s renowned fresh and spontaneous style, powerful new pointers kept emerging and are included here, as well as a series of stand-alone Self-realisation guidances. You will also find many new photographs and brush drawings from Mooji throughout the book.

White Fire is significant for seekers everywhere. When fully swallowed, these end-of-the-road pointings reveal one's true nature as pure and timeless Being, untouched by the limitations and suffering of the personal ego. It will undoubtedly serve each one’s awakening to the imperishable Self, pulling the externalised mind back to its origin in the most simple, immediate and powerful way. 

You can find White Fire - Second Edition in the Mooji Sangha Shop. You can also take a look inside the book here.