Challenges on the Path to Freedom

A Must-Read for All True Seekers

In this article we endeavour to share with genuine seekers of Truth some of the strongest challenges and pitfalls that arise on the path to Self-realisation. We feel it will bring great clarity, and illumine the path of all sincere seekers whatever their spiritual background or temperament. We strongly encourage each one to give their full attention to these observations and make the best use of this wise and loving guidance from Moojibaba and those who move closely with him, as it will prepare you for Moojibaba’s highest teachings.


In olden times, it was rare to find a spiritual Master who could guide you to the ultimate Truth and it was even more rare to be accepted as a disciple. Those who were accepted were fully conscious of the value of such an opportunity and the commitment it would take to see it through to the end.

Being in Satsang with a true Master can and will spontaneously trigger latent personal, mental and emotional tendencies and debris to come to the surface. These strong distracting forces or stagnant energies are exposed in order to be recognised and subsequently flushed away. Such exposing and the subsequent ‘clearing away’ of inner noise allow the seeker to experience deeper states of their being. The genuine student, one who is seeking for delusion and ignorance to be removed, recognises and appreciates this as a challenge on the path to self-realisation that comes for every aspirant.

Nowadays, it is very easy to find Satsang, but not necessarily easy to stay with it. We have observed that it is not uncommon for some people to feel easily triggered when personal projections, conditioning and beliefs are challenged, leaving them feeling hurt or rejected. In most cases this is due to a difficulty or inability to genuinely self-introspect and thus transcend old mental and emotional patterns. If these issues are not quickly addressed, such feelings can turn sour and even later ferment into resentment, especially when one isolates oneself. This is one of the strong forces of resistance that plays for many people across the wide spectrum of spiritual seeking on all paths. It is at such points that any deep personal identity will seemingly get in the way of the necessary breakthrough that is needed to progress to the next stage—what Mooji often calls ‘the shift from person to presence’.

For the earnest seeker, these seeming obstacles can be overcome with honest self-introspection, discernment, and the grace and guidance of the Master. The support and presence of the Sangha is also of great benefit at such times. The true power and greatness of the Sangha is that we help and inspire one another to rise above the challenges that can arise on the path. Facing such challenges is an unavoidable yet beneficial stage for the true student and one that must be met with courage, gratitude and trust.

Satsang is for everyone, but not everyone at the same time.

Mooji sometimes says, ‘Truth is simple but the seeker of Truth is complex.’ Mooji is open to work with all genuine seekers, as he has patiently done with thousands over the years who have come to him for guidance. However, he rarely indulges those who come with strong egoic projections and spiritual fantasies about awakening.

For instance, in Satsang we have experienced that some people believe they are ready for awakening, but are disappointed because they are not willing or able to put in the earnest effort required. A few may even feel they are already awakened, and when they don’t receive the recognition they expect, anger and indignation erupts inside them. When challenges like this appear to be insurmountable, the Master is often first in line to be blamed. This can become part of a climate of resentment despite Moojibaba’s loving and compassionate presence and nature, and his authority and experience with guiding genuine seekers of Truth.

The greatness of our Master is that his position is consistently clear: troubles come because we believe and accept the ego or personal self to be true. This ignorance must first be recognised, admitted and finally transcended through the knowing or reminding that we are the one Self, the witness of the fluctuations of personhood. The genuine student finds great joy in discovering this.

Intimate Relationships and the challenges for the seeker

There are many beautiful and lasting relationships that flower and continue to prosper in Truth. However, we feel it is important to mention that one of the major and persistent obstacles for seekers on the path to self-knowledge is getting involved in personal romantic relationships that are not sufficiently grounded in Truth.

Human beings naturally have a deep need for a sense of belonging. We love to connect with people and be in relationships that bring us a sense of joy, fulfilment and completeness. Relationships can be an important mirror to reflect what is virtuous and worth honouring and what is to be transcended. Intimate relationships have the unique ability to access regions within ourselves that most other relationships are not capable of reaching. They have the power to expose deep-rooted desires, attachments and tendencies such as the need to belong or the fear of rejection, loneliness and abandonment. All these limitations are alive because of strong attachment to ego, which is personal identity.

However, intimate relationships become a distraction when they are given more importance than one’s search for Truth. It is very hard for the ones involved to admit this and often, by the time they wake up to the reality of this, they are already too deeply entangled in their projections and attachments. This can seem an impossible dilemma to resolve, especially if children become part of the dynamic and all this together doesn’t paint the harmonious family picture they had always wished for.

It feels risky to stand up and to say this but we are here for Truth and to say what is required for the authentic realisation of the Truth.

Again, it is at such moments that the Master’s gracious presence and powerful words call us to confirm our true position as the formless witness of the transient ‘I’—Self. He reminds us again and again, ‘Your personal self is only apparent. You are not this. Don’t take this or any shape, you are the unblemishable Self.’ How fortunate we are, that in the instant we hear and accept his words inside our hearts we find ourselves free.

Satsang and Families

Over the years, there has been a growing number of people wishing to spend time at Monte Sahaja under Moojibaba’s spiritual guidance. Many families drawn to Satsang are also living in the surrounding villages close to Monte Sahaja, and many Sangha children attend the local schools and are happily integrating into the local rural life.

The relationships we have with our family may not always meet our desires and projections. However, they can also serve as a powerful reflection of our inner state and reveal where we are still harbouring old stale energies and tendencies. We have heard many reports over the years from Sangha members that as they deepen in their understanding of Satsang, the relationships with their families that were previously strained have spontaneously harmonised. Quite often this arises naturally as we ourselves change and our egoic projections and expectations drop away.

We also feel to share that there is a growing number of Sahaja residents’ families curious about how their loved ones are doing in a community in a rural part of Portugal. Sahaja has always welcomed, and continues to welcome, all who wish to come to visit their relatives. This has been happening steadfastly throughout the years. Many family visitors, feeling the power and beauty of the place, and having seen and been touched by the positive changes in their loved one’s lives, end up applying to spend more time at the ashram for their own spiritual growth.

Moojibaba strongly advises and encourages us to read, reflect, understand and assimilate the potency of the observations and pointers contained here. We hope that you recognise the power of these observations and confirm them inside your heart so that you are able to transcend the entire field of delusion. We continue in our hearts to serve each one’s awakening by God’s grace.

It is said that India is the spiritual heart of the world, but having visited Monte Sahaja, we have experienced that the presence, grace and spirit of God resides not only there but in the heart of each one.

Moojibaba points us to the Self that we timelessly are and Monte Sahaja is the outpouring love of this discovery.

~ Ramdas Gupta, Indian Sangha