Quote of the day

20 May 2019

I have nothing to give you. I only point to that which has been overlooked, though, in truth, it is the womb of this universe. It is the resting place, the dying place and the birthplace of all life. It is the giver, the creator, the sustainer, the destroyer, and beyond the dream of all such play. To humanity, this should be a great news, a real chance to find lasting happiness, because it’s not merely news but an invitation to look within and discover the one true Self —the non-dual pearl of ultimate Truth. Man’s latent desire is to discover that which, in fact, he can never not be, but yet he remains asleep to this —a sleep that robs him of his inherent joy. Let each man come to know that his true heart is the light of this world. He must strive to prevent his mind from hiding this. When he succeeds, his earth will become heaven.

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