Monte Sahaja

Monte Sahaja is a living ashram, a haven for seekers of Truth drawn towards spiritual awakening. Sahaja is the home of Mooji and the spiritual home of the Sangha. The naturalness and profundity of Moojibaba’s unconditional love and wisdom pervade the entire land, and Sahaja itself reflects this sacredness, purity and simplicity. Outwardly, it may appear like just another beautiful, peaceful place. However, the real magnificence of Sahaja is the opportunity to experience and receive a living Master’s grace, presence and guidance in the inner work of awakening to our original nature.

Monte Sahaja is not a traditional ashram. For some people, it is more like a monastery; for others it is a retreat centre or a place of pilgrimage or a temple, but no word really defines what Monte Sahaja is. It doesn’t fit into any classification. The word ‘Sahaja’ means the natural state of Being. Monte Sahaja is a sacred place dedicated to supporting true seekers who deeply aspire for liberation from the grip of ego identity. Sahaja is vibrant with the spirit of unconditional love, wisdom and Truth, which we know and experience as the fragrance of God, the Supreme Being. It is a rare place in this world as it is entirely dedicated to the complete realisation of the Self.

Mooji’s lineage is Advaita, the ancient path of non-duality, which teaches that our true nature is one with the pure awareness that is the indivisible reality. Through his intuitive and direct approach, Moojibaba imparts this understanding as a living experience with great immediacy and accessibility to seekers of Truth. Awakening to our real nature does not mean we are to acquire something new, but rather that we must discover within ourselves that which is timelessly pure and in harmony with God. Therefore, there is no need to renounce one’s family, worldly duties, ambitions, religion or any other human expression. It is this very universality, simplicity and naturalness which bring people from all over the world to sit with Moojibaba.

Daily Life
In Monte Sahaja, silence and inner focus is the prevailing climate regardless of the daily activities engaged in. Throughout the day there is time and space for silent sittings, chanting, guided meditations, and other group activities such as laughing yoga or bhajans. Occasionally, scheduled and spontaneous Satsangs are offered by Moojibaba, and we all come together for this sacred time.

Satsang is also imbibed through the vibrant and potent energy field that permeates all of Sahaja, and through Seva. Seva is an ancient spiritual tradition from the east which refers to actions done without expectation of outcome. Regarding Seva, Moojibaba says, ‘Seva is action done without selfish motives or actions performed free from self-centredness. Service offered with this attitude of selflessness is an authentic path leading to the realisation of the Self.’

About the Land


Monte Sahaja is situated in the hilly region of Alentejo in southern Portugal. Its varied terrain offers many beautiful spaces to explore, such as small ponds, hidden paths and vistas, and quiet places for meditation and contemplation. There are some steep hills and valleys, which can feel quite demanding in the beginning of your stay. However, many people experience an amazing increase in fitness in a relatively short span of time.

Springtime in Alentejo, and especially here at Monte Sahaja, is a glorious season where wild flowers can best be appreciated as they flourish profusely over the savanna-like landscape. There are many Olive trees, Cork Oaks, Medronhos, Carobs and Eucalyptus trees on the land and in the surrounding area. The fresh springtime breeze, often fragranced by the amazing palette of wild and traditional flowers and the smell of Eucalyptus trees, is a special treat. Moojibaba enjoys this time of the year very much.

Please be aware that Alentejo can also become very hot during the summer and often the lush landscape of spring and early summer begins turning in colour to raw sienna and umber. Some say they are reminded of the African Serengeti or certain regions of Australia. Alentejanos are well used to destructive wild fires that are so easily started during the driest seasons. Many prized trees are lost each year. Monte Sahaja fully supports and complies with the local and regional efforts to keep fires to a minimum. We also endeavour to conserve water wherever we can.

Visiting Monte Sahaja

We fully appreciate the natural urge to come to Monte Sahaja, the home and ashram of Moojibaba. It is possible for those who are deeply immersed in Satsang with Moojibaba to apply to visit in a variety of ways.

Regardless of the type of visit, everyone must apply and receive confirmation from Monte Sahaja that it is possible to come. This includes those staying in the area and Sunday Satsang. If you wish to visit Monte Sahaja while staying in the surrounding area, you need to apply and receive confirmation before booking your accommodation.

Sunday Satsang
Genuine seekers of Truth who feel the urge to come to Monte Sahaja for Sunday Satsang are invited to find out more and apply here. Please note that Sunday Satsang is not offered every week.

Guest Stays 2018
There are several periods throughout the year where it is possible to stay at Monte Sahaja for 7-10 days. The next Guest Stay will be from 7-18 September. Applications are now closed. More information can be found here.

Visiting Monte Sahaja while staying in the surrounding area
There are some periods where it is possible to visit Monte Sahaja on visiting days and have the opportunity to participate in the ashram program while staying in the surrounding area. More information about staying in the area can be found in ‘Accommodation’ below. The next day visiting periods will be 10-13 and 17-20 of September 2018. Applications are now closed.

Please note that Sahaja cannot accommodate drop-ins or casual visitors at any time.

Accommodation in the Area

If you have been invited to visit Monte Sahaja while staying in the surrounding area, you must arrange your accommodation before you come. Monte Sahaja is located in a very beautiful, but remote and rural part of Portugal, and, as such, accommodation is limited.

To find a place to stay in the area, please see This website also has information about nearby train stations, banks, cafes, etc.

Free camping or ‘wild camping’ is strictly prohibited in this area. The local community is quite traditional and does not welcome people camping on private or public property without permission. This includes parking of camper vans in public spaces and in the villages.

Please be sure to apply and receive confirmation that it is possible for you to visit Monte Sahaja before making travel plans.

Children at Monte Sahaja

While children are very much loved by Mooji and the Sangha, it is not possible to visit Monte Sahaja with children. Monte Sahaja is dedicated to self-discovery and we have found over the years that the atmosphere at Monte Sahaja is one of introspection and meditation and is not always suitable for children.

Some children who genuinely have a connection with Mooji, and are themselves naturally drawn to Satsang, may occasionally be able to visit under the supervision of their parents. This calling and wish to be in Satsang must genuinely come from the child. As with all visits to Sahaja, applications must be made in advance.