Mooji Answers

This Mooji Answers page has been created to present, via online media, Mooji’s responses and answers to the numerous questions sent to him from seekers worldwide. We hope that in this way many others may have their doubts cleared by embracing and following his guidance and perennial wisdom. Mooji talks about this in the Intro video.
Please note that where names are mentioned, we have used each questioner’s first name only so that they may identify their own question while remaining anonymous. Each one may be assured that any private details shared with Mooji are held in confidence.
In order to preserve the freshness of these responses, we have done only the minimal editing necessary. Enjoy!

How Can I Ask Mooji a Question?

In recent years, Mooji has received and responded to many email letters that came to Mooji Answers. His responses to these questions have been recorded on video and shared freely on the internet for everyone to benefit.
Mooji feels that anyone who watches and carefully listens to the abundance of material already recorded and shared on this page as well as Mooji.TV will be able to find the answer to their own question.
Before you send your question to Mooji Answers ( we ask that you please check first if it is not already answered in one of the below videos or on Mooji TV.

Thank you.
Om shanti.

You can watch the Mooji Answers videos here.