This page is here to honour the Sangha who have recently departed from this plane of existence.

Vidya Reinhild Oelmüller-Cleff
10 February 1945 – 19 May 2016

Govinda Rainer Binder
26 April 1938 – 26 March 2016
We Love You Govinda
Sri Mooji Baba spoke these words as he made Ganga Puja for Govinda at Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi, India on 3 April, 2016:
We make this dedication today to celebrate the blessed life of our beloved Govinda: our brother, our son, our father, our beloved, who transcended the body in Sao Martinho das Amoreiras, Alentejo, Portugal a few days ago.
We love and honour you, dear Govinda.
I embrace you inside my heart and present you before the Supreme Lord of the Universe, blessed be your soul in all its experiences hereafter.
I am with you, you are with me, we are with you, you are with us, as one in Paramatman.
O, infinite existence—we love you timelessly.
We welcome your spirit, your loving presence inside our hearts and our lives.
We light this flame in honour of your name in the presence of the Almighty God.
Let it be so.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Om Namah Shivaya
Hara, Hara, Hara, Mahadev!

Thomas Clements
December, 2013
Thomas We are deeply sorry to hear the news that Thomas Clements has left this realm. Thomas has been part of our Sangha for a long time and we had the blessing of his warm and artistic presence during various satsang programs with Mooji in India and Spain. All our love and heart prayers are with his family.

Mooji himself says: “I love Thomas very much and remember his warmth and openness. He welcomed and opened his home and heart to many Sangha friends who travelled to Barcelona for satsang. It was Thomas who first told me the joke entitled ‘Let Go!‘ which so many people have enjoyed. My heart embraces his presence and spirit.”

George Blondin
January 31st, 1946 – July 2013
George BlondinLove and gratitude to George Blondin who passed away in July 2013 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. George followed his heart in December 2009 wishing to start a Mooji satsang group in Montreal. Thus, the Montreal Sangha blossomed with Mooji’s Blessings. We thank you for your good heart, George, and your amazing search. Let there be Peace. Let there be Peace. Let there be Peace and Love. Namasté!
Submitted by George’s friend, Lisa-Anne

Gaston Saint-Pierre
29 March, 1940 – 16 March, 2011
Gaston Saint-PierreGaston Saint-Pierre, founder of ‘The Metamorphic Technique’ and The Metamorphic Association, died on March 16th 2011 in London, two weeks before his 71st birthday. He first came across Mooji in 2009, when I lent him Mooji’s book ‘Before I Am’. I knew he would resonate with Mooji’s message of Unity. I remember one particular image he loved in the book. That of a knife being able to cut into many objects, but not into itself, being as it is one inseparable unit. Just like awareness – We can never know it with our minds because we are It. He came to his first satsang with Mooji in November 2009 when he went up and sat with Mooji. Gaston was always very busy travelling around Europe teaching his great passion which was ‘The Metamorphic Technique’, but in April 2010 his travels were grounded due to volcanic ash. This meant he was able to come to his second satsang, and again he came to sit and talk with Mooji. He had recently celebrated his 70th birthday, and he talked of his joy at having reached this age. Since being a child, he said to Mooji, he had always had the intuition that he would die at seventy. Now he realised there were other ways to ‘drop off’, and he had come before Mooji to do just that.

The underpinning of ‘The Metamorphic Technique’, which was Gaston’s lifework, was deeply influenced by Robert St John, and by the teachings of Krishnarmurti. In private conversations with Gaston, he told me that coming across Mooji was a completion for him, as he felt Mooji took him a step further into what he called ‘Objective Love’, or into the realms of Grace, Unity and Communion. Even back in April there was an urgency to his wanting to book onto Mooji’s silent retreat in Tiruvannamalai that coming December. He never made it. In July 2010 he became very ill with bladder cancer.

Gaston always had a great joy and zest for life, and was able to impart this enthusiasm to others. He was extremely generous with his time and life, and extended his friendship to all. A friend who was sitting with him two weeks before he died heard him say in the midst of great pain ‘What an adventure!’. 
Submitted by Gaston’s friend, Helene

Alan Palmer
Sept. 21, 1958 – April 15, 2009
AlanAlan John Palmer (Known on YouTube as Psiplex) was a self taught Musician specializing in the keyboard. He was also a self taught Graphic Designer.

Friends say that Alan was never focused on himself personally; he always put others first and did whatever he could to help people. His friendship was consistent, reliable and always loving. He always saw the good in others.

Alan was a big part of the inspiration behind Mooj’s work with YouTube. Alan was sick with cancer and could not leave his room. He discovered Mooji on YouTube, and it changed his life. “I am unable to leave my room. I felt in despair and then you came into my room, through YouTube and introduced freedom to me.” It was after reading these words from Alan that Mooji felt inspired to put greater energy towards sharing satsang through the medium of YouTube.

Alan wrote: “Unfortunately, I cannot physically travel (to meet Mooji) at present, but getting stronger day by day while appreciating and enjoying each present moment as the pure gift it is. No regrets, no past, nothing but gratefulness and inner peace about it. The deep connection to Mooji’s teachings has happened. Currently battling head and neck cancer, which strangely, has been an opening through grace to experience the ‘Who Am I’ inquiry. Mooji’s teachings and pointing to the Absolute have been like a tsunami over the last few weeks. Really grateful and thankful for the alignment that makes us all in the One. Joy and deep peace are flowing.”

Alan had a blog and also created many tributes to Mooji on the Internet. 

Swami Yoga Kamal
January  29, 1953 – October 6, 2009
SwamiYogaSwami Yoga Kamal left the body on the 6th of October 2009. He was planning to go to India at the end 2009, but was suddenly poisoned by eating bad mushrooms.

He lived in Dneprodzerzhinsk, a city in Ukraine. Last year he had an incredible meeting with Mooji. He was so happy to meet him here, in Tiruvannamalai.

For Russian people Kamal was and is a Master, and we keep him in our hearts. These were his words about the encounter with Mooji:

“I never had a living Master in the body. It was Light that taught me. A magnificent meeting with Mooji filled the gap that I had. Mooji’s embraces are a flood of love. I feel very much happy for meeting Mooji. For me this experience was necessary and very valuable.”

He used to repeat it many times and so much appreciated this only meeting with Mooji – one 2-hour meeting – that he had on 13th December, 2008.

If you know of the recent passing of someone in the sangha, and you wish for us to pay tribute to them, please send us an email at with the person’s full name, date of birth and date of passing, country of residence, and a photograph if possible.