The Heart of India


While Mooji’s main focus is to offer Satsang, he and the Sangha feel moved to support the beautiful work of seven organisations in India. For these organizations’ ongoing work, your donations are deeply appreciated.

Benefit Concert 2011

In February 2011, Mooji sponsored a benefit concert to raise money for these local charities in Tiruvannamalai:

More information about these charities follows below.

At the Benefit Concert a beautiful variety of talent was on display.


Mooji offered some original paintings for an auction to raise money for the charities. All monies raised were donated to these charities. For more information on the this fundraising event, please contact .


You can donate to Karma Animal Trust here.

Karma Animal Trust are always interested in volunteers. Contact them for more information about their great work.

Karma Animal Trust

In Spring 2017, some of the Mooji Team in India had the pleasure to meet the beautiful beings from Karma Animal Trust and to see the great work they are undertaking with the dogs and other animals in the streets of Rishikesh.

So, with Moojibaba’s blessing, we are very happy to share their work here and encourage you to check out their website and support them in their hearty endeavours. Thank you and big love.

Contact: Prabhavati for more information.
You can donate to Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home here.

Ramana's Garden Children's Home

25 years ago Papaji named our project here on the banks of Ganga, Ramana’s Garden. He said Ramana’s children will flower there, and by his grace so they have.

We have 65 orphans, single parent, or needy, at risk children living in our loving home and another 180 poor village children who come daily for Free school Lkg-8th standard. After 8th they are provided scholarships for higher education. We grow all our own organic food and provide them all nutritious meals each day.

Many have bloomed and are already working at their selected profession or in college, 1 filmmaker, 2 engineers, 2 Bio-Med, 1 Doctor, 1 lawyer and 1 Psychologist in process, and several studying business and journalism. They run their own Ramana’s Organic Cafe and present Classical Indian Dance professionally healing the world 1 child at a time.

Arunachala Animal Sanctuary

Several years ago, Sri Mooji visited the Arunachala Animal Sancturary in Tiruvannamalai and was deeply touched by the heart work that is taking place in service to the rescued animals brought to the centre almost on a daily basis. The team’s intense compassion, skill and loving care offered to the various animals was breath taking. Sri Mooji felt compelled to support the ongoing work of this remarkable centre.

Facebook: Regenboog India facebook page.
Contact: Madhan Mohan (India) or Erika Jansen (India/Holland) for more information.
More Photos.
Donate to Medical Camp India.

Our friends Madhan Mohan and Erika Jansen of Medical Camp India offer medical care to the poor populations in remote and secluded areas of South India. In addition to their general medical day camps, they also organize and facilitate eye and dental camps and coordinate many programs concerning health education, nutrition, and hygiene. They now have an impressive new mobile clinic – a modern, multi-functional van than is equipped with all that is needed to provide high quality medical care villagers. Read more about how they assist people in India on their web site and/or email Madhan or Erika.

Read an inspiring story about Nirmala, a young child who cared for her ailing father and is now being cared for by the friends at Medical Camp India.

Mooji visited the Shanti Children in Tiruvannamalai and was struck by the level of dedication, care and love offered to these beautiful kids. The project is clearly having a positive impact on their lives. At the centre of all of this is Kumar – the project leader – whose inspiration both in his workers and in the children is undeniable. The Shanti Children Project helps orphans, one-parent children, and poor and needy children in the Tiruvannamalai area. This project caters especially towards girls, because in general, they have very limited opportunities for education in India. Shanti Children Project directly supports 50 poor children with funds for schooling, including their tuition, exam fees, notebooks, and uniforms. In addition, their Shanti Tuition Centre provides after-school tutoring, and music and painting workshops to 80 children.

Terre des Hommes Core Trust (orphanage)
Tiruvannamalai Children’s Orphanage
Contact: for more information.

TDH CORE is a Child Welfare Organization working for the rescue and rehabilitation of children in distress, orphaned, abandoned, mentally or physically challenged or HIV/AIDS infected. TDH CORE currently looks after 924 children in need of care and protection who would otherwise be without food, shelter, medical attention or basic needs. They have saved the lives of hundreds of children. TDH CORE runs 8 children’s homes providing alternative families and 5 centres for 346 children with mental disabilities, autism and cerebral palsy. They also supports 2102 children through educational sponsorship, community based rehabilitation, child labour elimination and Poonthaleer, a project rescuing female babies from infanticide. TDH CORE is working on a Tribal Children Educational Project in Jawadhu Hills for children who are in danger of child trafficking and exploitation.

Contact: or call +91 9789864166 / 04175 / 235281 for more information.
Donate to The Forest Way.

Mooji recalls that on his first visit to Tiruvannamalai almost 20 years ago, Arunachala – the Holy Mountain – appeared to be a brown and barren hill. Now an organization called The Forest Way is bringing the mountain back to its natural ecosystem. The Forest Way has been working for the past six years to restore the varied ecosystems of the Holy Mountain Arunachala. Now it is clearly recovering its original beauty and power. We can imagine that much of its original wildlife may one day soon be again roaming on its slopes. The Forest Way’s work includes planting tens of thousands of native saplings every year, protecting the regeneration process of the entire Hill from the hazard of fire, water shed management, and the implementation of an educational program where local school children are introduced to their own forest, allowing them to explore and plant the seeds of reconnection to the natural world.
If you are in Tiruvannamalai, you can drop by their nursery at the start of the inner Pradakshina path. Long term volunteers are welcome and can stay in simple accommodation at their organic farm.