Medical Camp India – Story of Nirmala


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Following is a letter from Madhan, managing trustee from one of Mooji’s favorite charities, Medical Camp India.

April, 2011,

Dear Friends,

I would like to share this experience with you all.

Life is a learning process and it is trying to teach us every single moment something through someone. I learned a lot from a girl child called ‘Nirmala’.

On Monday, Government Deputy Director of Tuberculosis called me and told about this girl. Her father is severely infected by TB and he will die any time. Her mother ran away with two other boys almost 8 months back due to this. Her father didn’t earn anything for last one year almost. So since that time Nirmala is taking care of her very sick father. She is so attached to her father. Now for the last 2 weeks he was admitted to this Government hospital in a very bad condition and Nirmala also staying with him. The TB hospital staff is paying for their food expenses. Nirmala and her father are the only inpatients in that big ward and she is never afraid of anything. She was acting like a very trained and caring nurse to her father.

So after he died there was nobody to take care of her. In this time one of his friends (an auto rickshaw guy) came to the hospital saying that he will take care of the girl after the father’s death. But it seems he is not a good guy and did something wrong with few other children already. So the doctor called me and requested us to admit this girl to our children’s home (Orphanage). She is now 14 years old and discontinued her school education a year back. Her transfer certificate is not available and it is held with a school in Arakkonam (near Chennai).

To save this beautiful girl, we have taken her yesterday evening. I brought her to home and all other kids are so happy to receive her. They immediately started sharing everything with her. Now Nirmala is very happy with us and this morning she told me that she wants to be a doctor and so she can help many patients like her father. What a thought!!!

Nirmala with her new friends

Nirmala’s love towards her father, her confidence and other kid’s love and sharing tendency are some great message for the entire world!!! Let the children rule the world…

Love & Respect,


Managing Trustee,
Regenboog India Foundation,
5/34, V.O.C. Nagar 1st Street,
Tiruvannamalai 606603,
Tamilnadu, India

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