Beloved One

In This Moment

My love, remember this: 
This moment alone exists. This moment is not time.
There really is no such thing as past or future,
or even present.
Only the Timeless exists.
Know you are This. All else is dream.

In this moment that’s eternal
In this moment, no effort can be made
In this moment, this is your true face
In this moment no future or past
In this moment 
In this moment

Beloved, leave aside all this fruitless thinking
and come lay down here in the silence of Being.
In this fleeting world of names and forms 
you will not find the One who exists beyond time;
He, who is timeless, uncreated, unborn, imperishable
—the Infinite One.
He dwells within the hearts of all beings.
Verily I am He, you are He, all that exists is He alone.
Know this and be free.

O Radiant One,
Eternal means unending time,
but the Real is timeless. 
Timeless means beyond time.

So my Dear One, 
go beyond this fleeting world of names and forms.
Be here, where time is yet to be born.
Confirm your true Self as Unborn Awareness.
This is your true face.

The world that you play in, and all that you love
All that you love, will someday be gone
What’s known is unreal, you stay with the unknown
With the unchanging Truth within you

In this moment 
In this moment