Guru Meri Puja

Hanuman Chalisa

(The words of this bhajan has not been translated here due to its length.)

The Hanuman Chalisa is a forty verse hymn in joyful praise of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman is the perfect servant of Lord Ram, emptiness personified. Having no personal desire or personal intention of his own, Hanuman is life itself and is therefore always fully available and ready to serve his Master, the Heart, Lord Ram.

Hanuman is universal because Lord Ram lives inside his Heart and is his only Master. Hanuman is the Self, serving the Self, within the Self. There is no separation. The apparent trinity of servant, serving and served is revealed in reality to be only One.

Lord Hanuman is present within all Beings. Hanuman is the embodied Self and universal. Any being that sings or hears the Chalisa will also automatically and effortlessly find the qualities and experience of Hanuman emerging from within.