Into the Deep Blue


No introduction, just an invitation 
You’re invited to introspection, internal inquiry 
Past the individual to the indivisible 
Inner innocence, intuitive intelligence 
Instantly inspiring

Going inwardly, to infinity 
Including all inclusively, it’s ingrained inherently 
No sin within, no ‘in’ to win 
Yet invincible 
See in, into seeing 
From the invisible

Invariably intact, inhabiting the inside of all in-with 
A dive into the divine, dive in 
Into the information-less 
Impregnated with the inconceivable 
Incubating the indefinable

Gradually the incomplete becomes intolerable 
The end of the inauthentic is inescapable 
With some insistence 
the innermost will be known as inseparable 
Not incredible; indeed, inevitable

Inwardly inspecting, investigating 
through the instrument of insight, tune-in 
Initial intensity is indicating 
That the end of the influence 
of incorrect interpretation Is incoming

Increasingly, the innate is inclined to its independence 
From the investment of the infected incident called ‘the intellect’ 
The interest in interpersonal interactions 
Is interrupted

Remain indulged yet inactive 
In-tune yet inaudible 
Without intention of income, Come in 
ingest the coming in… 
Now no more words, just inwards