I Am That!


Spoken word by Mooji
Music by Kamau Georges

Excerpt of the spoken word on this track:

“This is perhaps the most happy place in the world, not because happiness is taught… that people should be happy or to be loving. We are not talking or stressing that. That happiness, joy, peace, wisdom, love—I call them the fragrance that arises from the Self. But this Self that you are, it is not an object. As you go more deeply into Self-discovery, so many things will be shown to you so I do not need to talk to you about those things now.

Don’t fill your mind with too many dreams or projections. Rather, have an empty mind so that the Supreme Being can speak to you and can share with you and guide you, and fill you with wisdom and love. This is what it means to leave yourself aside. The less there is of you personally, the more there is of you universally. And that is a universal Truth.
God bless you.”

– Mooji