I Am That!

Knocking from Inside

Spoken word by Mooji
Music by Kamau Georges

Excerpt of the spoken word on this track:

“Rumi said, 'I’ve been knocking at a door. The door opens suddenly. I realise I have been knocking from inside.' Think about it! It means that he was already inside, but he was imagining he was outside. So he had to knock, saying, 'Let me in, let me in, let me in!' But he was already in. And this is a metaphor, a paradox also, of what life can appear to be.

I want to remind you that sometimes you can fall in love with your practice, and then the practice becomes almost like your goal. You forget what the goal is. You’ve fallen too much in love with the journey… You must remember this: What is it you are practicing for? Because even though you may love your practice, it should not go on forever. Otherwise you miss your goal, and you end up only in love with your practice. That practice is not the goal.

…I wish that you will continue to search so that when you search with earnestness, Grace will come to you, and Grace will help you to find That which you are searching for. God bless you.”

– Mooji