(‘The Self’ from ‘A Translation of the Ashtavakra Gita’ by Thomas Byrom) 

Oh Master, 
tell me how to find detachment, 
wisdom and freedom. 

My child, if you wish to be free, 
shun the poison of the senses. 
Seek the nectar of Truth, of love and
forgiveness, simplicity and happiness. 

Earth, fire and water, the wind and the sky;
you are none of these. 
If you wish to be free, know you are the Self, 
the witness of all these, the heart of awareness. 

Set your body aside, 
sit inside your own awareness. 
You will at once be happy, 
forever still, forever free. 

Right or wrong, joy and sorrow, 
these are of the mind only, they are not yours.
It is not really you who acts or enjoys, 
you are everywhere, forever free. 

Forever and truly free, 
the single witness of all things. 
But if you see yourself as separate, 
then you are bound. 
Know you are one, pure awareness. 

With the fire of this conviction, 
burn down the forest of ignorance, 
free yourself from sorrow and be happy.