The Fire of Your Love

(a poem by Hafiz, English translation by Sri Devi and Mahendra)

The chest that housed my heart …. 
remains not….. for the fire of your love has removed all. 
Separation burns this body, your supreme magnificence burns this soul.

Through the tears on my face, 
dance the fires of your flame. 
Look, as the butterfly of my being kisses the flame of your candle.

I have known this fire since the beginning of the world. 
Now this house has been fully burnt… 
Only you remain my love, only you.

All my beliefs have been washed away by your divine wine. 
The kingdom of my mind has been fully burnt by your white fire.

Shorten this story my love and leave no more. 
Let the gratitude of my heart remove everything that is not true.

Hafiz, leave the dream of life and drink my divine wine, once more.
Sleep will never return…
for the candle of my being burns the darkness of this worlds illusion.