Kissed from Within

Soham Gita

I am unwanted by the unwise, 
untrodden by the untrue 
Unloved by the unfit, unsparing to untruth 
I am the undone, nothing to undo, nothing to hold on to 
I am unto my Self 
Unaffected, unaffiliated, unbound 
Unknown, unowned, unseen, unfound 
No mind has unveiled me, to mind I am unveilable 
Unthinkable, unexplainable, unconveyable 
The unconceivable, the unassailable, 
Undefeated, undefended, undefiled, undefinable 
The unborn undercover, to the world I’m unrevealed 
Unrecognized, even said to be unreal 
I am seeing unceasingly without uncertainty 
I am untouched, the untouchable undoubtedly 
The essence of my presence is forever unattained 
The depth of my Being eternally unstained 
I am, unfathomable, ever unobtained 
Ever uncontained, I remain unnamed 
I am by myself unsupported, unsustained 
Unassociated, unconstrained 
All is seen in me, yet I am unobserved 
Ever unburdened, untroubled, undisturbed 
My love is one, unshared, not unsharing 
Carefree, not uncaring 
A fire all consuming, unbiased, yet I’m unburned 
My love is forever unconcerned 
Eternally whole, unhealed, untorn 
Ever blissful, never uncontented, unscorned 
Undeluded, unconditioned, my love unconditional 
Unmatched, unmixed, unmeasureable 
Unshakeable, unmovable, unbreakable 
Unprecious to the unkind, to whom I am unbearable 
Unexplored by the hateful, unsung by the ungrateful 
Unappreciated by the unfaithful 
Unsought by the unawake, even undesired 
I am unkept, unoccupied, I abide unaquired 
Unaffected by the illusion that holds most beings under hypnosis 
Not unapparent, yet mostly unnoticed 
Untrancsended, all transcending 
As I am beginningless, so am I unending 
Unalike anything, undifferentiated 
Timeless, unaging, unfading, unfaded 
Unplaceable, unstated, unrelated 
More simple than simplicity, uncomplicated 
Untarnished, untainted, uncontaminated 
Undiminished, unlimited, unabated 
I Am That I Am, unaided 
I know not sleep, I am unwoken 
Unheard, unsaid, understood unspoken 
Undivided, unbroken 
Unlocked, unentered, unclosed, unopened 
I am unseeming space, infinite sky untraveled 
A mystery unto which I’m not to be unraveled 
I am that to which the universe unfolds 
Yet I stay unchanged, my reality untold 
That I am, to which the universe unfolds 
Yet I stay unchanged my reality untold