Krishna Bhajans

Chant Sahaja


Chant Sahaja is a joyful Kirtan—a call and response chanting of different names of God, the Supreme Self. At the heart of this collection of sacred chants from Monte Sahaja is the ancient Krishna Mahamantra, considered to be a powerful aid to liberation.

Chant Sahaja is inspired by the spontaneous and heart-infused spiritual music from the villages and temples of India. Some years ago while walking along the banks of the Ganga river in Rishikesh, Moojibaba was struck by the simple and joyous sound of authentic Bhajans emanating from a small temple nearby. Arriving at the temple he sat quietly in a corner of the humble building. His heart became filled with the sweet chants of Lord Krishna’s name.

As he walked back towards his home, a powerful desire arose inside his heart to bring this soulful music and its spiritual atmosphere to Monte Sahaja where he lives with his close disciples. And so was born CHANT SAHAJA, which has become an intrinsic part of daily life at Monte Sahaja—the Center for Self-Realisation in Portugal. The music of Chant Sahaja is sung and recorded by members of the Sangha.

Be immersed in the energy and power of authentic, spontaneous Bhajans from the heart and soul of Sahaja!

Mooji Mala —

Mahababa (lead vocals, background vocals & harmonium)
Mohan (lead vocals & harmonium)
Samadhi (background vocals & percussion)
Aisha (background vocals & percussion)
Thor (dolak)

Recorded live in Monte Sahaja, Portugal
Mixed and mastered by Sadhu Om

Tracks & Samples

01 Hare Ram Hare — Calling
(Lyrics) 19:15
02 Hare Krishna — Blessings
(Lyrics) 13:56
03 Divine Bliss
(Lyrics) 11:35
04 Longing
(Lyrics) 11:29
05 River Temple
(Lyrics) 18:30

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