Rise Up – to the Most High Awakening

Thank You

Spoken words (Moojibaba)
Try this 
Start each day like this and yours will be a beautiful, peaceful, open and loving day.
Place your hand on your heart and lower your head and begin by saying thank you. 
Thank you to life, thank you for life, 
thank you for you, thank you for me, 
thank you for the mind and the senses, 
thank you that I can say thank you, 
thank you for each and every encounter today, 
thank you for what is bitter or sweet,
for all are gifts for my growing. 
Thank you
Thank you life!
Thank you

Thank you for the air that I can breathe 
Thank you for these songs you've given me
Thank you for the times I couldn't see
But now we're free 

Thank you for this simple life I know
Thank you for the pain of letting go
Thank you for the times I've felt alone
Now we're home

And I don't wanna waste. I won't give up
I don't wanna taste. I've had enough 
Everybody knows there's only love
There's only love now

Thank you for this holy family
Thank you, my beloved Guruji
Thank you for this peace and harmony 
Let it be

Thank you for my son - you saved his life
Thank you for the suffering and strife 
Thank you for the times I couldn’t fight
In your light