Song of Gratitude

A Tribute to Moojibaba


In this inspiring and touching music single, more than fifty musicians from all around the world have come together to express their love and gratitude for our beloved spiritual master, our Gurudev, Moojibaba.

With music styles spanning the globe—flavours of reggae, rap, pop, rock, instrumental, flamenco, singer-songwriter, acoustic, soul and traditional Indian—each musician composed and recorded a unique piece of music. The resulting 270 music track layers were artfully woven together in Monte Sahaja over a period of several months, and then combined with precious archival footage of each musician with Moojibaba—forming this tapestry of love called, Song of Gratitude

“Guruji, we thank you for your Grace, unconditional love, 
and for the pointing that reveals our true and unchanging nature
—the source of peace, joy and love. We love you”
~ Your Sangha 

‘Gurudev’, which is sung throughout, is a traditional way of addressing one’s spiritual teacher or guru. While various translations exist, for us the true depth and meaning is that it is through Moojibaba’s profound presence and teachings that the pure light of consciousness we see in him is revealed to be our very own Self. 

Jai Gurudev, praises to the Supreme!

We shared this song on Guru Purnima, which is celebrated around the world on the full moon in July, in gratitude for the presence of the guru in our lives. We embrace this day to acknowledge the great blessing of walking alongside Moojibaba in this lifetime. The word ‘guru’ has Sanskrit origins, meaning ‘the dispeller of darkness’, and such a one is a light unto this world. It is through the guru’s wisdom and Grace that the light of our true Self is revealed within us.

Lead Vocals & Instrument Solos (in order of appearance)
Prem & Déva Priya; Prem & Aíne Sweeney; Krishnabai; Kamau Georges; Sam Garrett & Mollie Mendoza; Mukti Bird & Siddhartha Corsus (bansuri flute); Ananda Méndez; Krishna Prasad; Anna Ling, Roshan, Ananda Kaur, Shiv (electric guitar); Sita & Shiv; Tara; Omkara; Shivali; Sanoja; Omraj & Déva Priya; Sebata; Radha & Bangalore Sangha; Ananda Kaur & Gurdeep; Sangita; Nirmal; Sutara; Gotama (piano solo); Gurudas; Rishi & Roshan; Sri Ram (saxophone solo); Bholenath & Nurit; Omprakash; Chant Sahaja (Samadhi, Mahababa, Mohan & Thor); Mahababa (drum solo); Mahima.

Additional Backing Vocals
Amara; Gotama; Nitya; Ramdev; Risha; Shivani.

Electric Guitar: Prem & Shiv | Acoustic Guitar: Krishna Prasad, Omraj | Classical Guitar: Sam Garrett, Ananda Méndez | Ukulele: Nirvan | Sitar: Marc Plannells | Piano, Keyboards & Bass: Gotama | Harmonium: Mollie Mendoza, Ananda Kaur, Bholenath, Mahababa | Hand Pan: Santosh | Violin: Brahmdev | Cello: Lluís Martínez Ten | Duduk: Karuna | Bansuri Flute: Siddhartha Corsus | Alto Saxophone: Sri Ram | Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, Flute: Kamau Georges | Beat Programming: Sadhu Om | Talking Drum, Djembe, Congas: Mahababa |Tabla: Gurdeep | Dholak: Thor | Manjira: Samadhi & Mohan | Hand claps: Ananda Méndez.

Audio Production: Sadhu Om
Video Production: Anand
Music composition: Mooji Mala musicians

Tracks & Samples

01 Song of Gratitude
Mooji Sangha
(Lyrics) 15:09

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