Silent Retreat – Netherlands


On-site accommodation is in simple shared rooms in the castle, or camping on the castle grounds where you can either pitch your own tent or bring your campervan. Please be aware that for this retreat there is no on-site private accommodation, nor shared accommodation for couples.

If you prefer to find your own off-site accommodation, you are welcome to do so and purchase a Satsang Program + Meals ticket. Please make sure you find off-site accommodation before booking this option for the retreat. We ask everyone to be in silence throughout the retreat and to stay on the retreat premises between the satsangs. There is often an afternoon program and the contemplation time in between satsangs is also an important part of the retreat. Please be aware that it is not possible to purchase a Satsang Program only ticket.

The price for attending this event physically is comprised of the Satsang Program Fee + Accommodation & Meals Fee. Please see the table below for the different options. The total price is payable in one single payment in EUR(€). All places are now FULLY BOOKED.

Satsang Program Fee€330 includes all Satsang program activities and online access to the Satsang recordings (streaming and downloadable for 6 months).
Accommodation & Meals FeeAccommodation options and costs are shown below. These prices include all meals.

Housing optionsPeople per roomBed typeBeddingAccommodation
& Meals*(€)
(A) Room for 2 on-site2TwinPillows & linens included288.00330.00618.00
(B) Room for 3-6 on-site3-6Single or bunkPillows & linens included240.00330.00570.00
(C) Dormitory on-site10-16Single or bunkPillows & linens included193.00330.00523.00
(D) Bring your own tent or campervan193.00330.00523.00
(E) Find your own place to stayMeals only (€)

*The Accommodation & Meals fee is collected by us and passed on to the venue on your behalf.

On-site accommodation





The retreat fee includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as access to an all day tea station. Only vegetarian meals will be offered for this retreat. Upon registration, you can choose whether you need a gluten free, dairy free or vegan diet. Please note that these are the only special diet options that can be offered for this retreat.

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