Audio Translation of the Invitation

The translation recordings of the Invitation guidance from the Rishikesh season are now available! These tracks were taken from a recorded live translation of ‘The Invitation’ (Track 5 from An Invitation to Freedom Audiobook) during the Rishikesh, India, Satsang season this year.

Edited and re-worked, they offer this unique pointing in 12 languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese (Br), Italian, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Hindi and Chinese. They are available in the Mooji Sangha Shop.

This simple yet profound guidance from Moojibaba has been one of the most effective tools in bringing us into the direct recognition of our timeless Being and true Self.

Note: this is a translation of only Track 5 ‘The Invitation’ from An Invitation to Freedom Audiobook, not the entire Audiobook.

With love,

Mooji Team