Audio Translation of the Invitation

The translation recordings of the Invitation guidance from the Rishikesh season are now available! These tracks were taken from a recorded live translation of ‘The Invitation’ (Track 5 from An Invitation to Freedom Audiobook) during the Rishikesh, India, Satsang season this year.

Edited and re-worked, they offer this unique pointing in 12 languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese (Br), Italian, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Hindi and Chinese. They are available on the Online Shop (

This simple yet profound guidance from Moojibaba has been one of the most effective tools in bringing us into the direct recognition of our timeless Being and true Self.

Note: this is a translation of only Track 5 ‘The Invitation’ from An Invitation to Freedom Audiobook, not the entire Audiobook.

With love,

Mooji Team