In Honour of Darshana – Simona Peres

Our beloved Sangha sister, Darshana, passed away peacefully in the evening of 29 December, 2023, in the presence of her family and loved ones. 

She had bravely fought cancer for 7 ½ years. In 2021 doctors told her she had 2 months left to live. In true Darshana style she defied this sentence and lived on for two more years. 

Her final days were spent at home in Romania. During the closing hours of her life, Moojibaba and the Sahaja sangha were present online with her, offering prayers and blessings during her time of transition. 

Darshana is a very close friend to many of the sangha. She lived in Monte Sahaja for many years. Most in Sahaja were unaware  that Darshana had cancer because her spirit was always bursting with joy and she refused to identify as someone being sick. She had an immense strength of character, with a quiet but radiant inner joy.

For her first years in Sahaja, Darshana took care of the Christ Chapel. She spent much of her time there, each day preparing the space for everyone. Her love and dedication spread to all of the contemplative spaces in Monte Sahaja. 

Darshana’s eye for beauty and creativity was evident from the beginning. It revealed itself in her vibrant and unique flower arrangements that everyone enjoyed in the Mooji Mandir and each place on the land her hands touched. Every day she would prepare and send a bouquet of flowers to Moojibaba’s hut. Above all, it is Darshana’s strength of spirit, her deep urge for spiritual liberation and her great devotion to Moojibaba’s presence and  teachings that shines brightest and inspires us all.

Moojibaba has been with Darshana hand-in-hand throughout these years, and they have shared many powerful moments and satsangs. He guided her towards attaining greater insights and clarity on her path and was with her throughout many of the challenging times, when she faced much pain and inner struggle. The satsangs from these interactions are a profound legacy for the worldwide sangha that we will continue to draw on for their power, clarity and depth.

Our hearts are with Darshana’s family and friends at this time. Moojibaba expresses his deep respect, love and appreciation to those who played such an essential role in Darshana’s care. Our beloved sangha brother, Kailash, was Darshana’s most devoted friend. He stood by her side through the ups and downs, and the level of his love and dedication is tremendous and beyond words. Many others from the sangha also were of great support to Darshana during her journey. Shunya and Mahima travelled to Romania at different stages of her treatment; Lakshmi and Shree were also very present with her over these years. Darshana also received great joy and support from the Bucharest sangha. Darshana’s mother, Sofica, was a beautiful and loving support, taking diligent care of Darshana until her final moments. Darshana also had a deep soul recognition with Tunde, her palliative care nurse, who played an important part in her transition.

These deep heart-connections and friendships were of great support to Darshana when she needed it most. These are bright examples of true Sangha-hood—devoted not only to each other’s physical wellbeing but also to the fulfilling of each other’s ultimate goal of spiritual Awakening. Darshana embodied and radiated her name; her presence and darshan graced us all, both in life and as she left her physical form and continues to do so.

Enduring love and blessings to you, our beloved Darshana.

With God forever. 


Kailash with Darshana.
Kailash shares: ‘One day in 2014, we were walking out of our house, and we found this banner from a protest meeting, dropped by a tree. It says:

“Let’s be realistic, let’s ask for the impossible.” 

We both felt it is the motto of our lives.’

Darshana with her mother, Sofica, and sister, Mirela

Darshana with her grandmother, Zenovia, and mother, Sofica