In Loving Memory of Emmanuelle Deret

Our dear sangha sister Emmanuelle left her body peacefully on Saturday, 2 December. She was at home with her husband, Patrick, and loved ones by her side as she had wished. Emmanuelle put her full heart and attention into everything she did—a pure expression of her great love for Truth. Her warm presence and willingness to be in service was an upliftment for all. When challenges came, she would always say, ‘We follow the flow of Grace.’ We deeply thank you Emmanulle—for all you are and have shared with this sangha.

Our full blessings to Patrick, her family, and loved ones everywhere.

‘May what Emmanuelle has discovered here
guide her into the purity and light of the presence of the Supreme.
May she move in this beautiful light that God has prepared her for.
Bless you, bless you, bless you, and take our love with you.
It’s the same love you will find over there, in this space. And thank you.
Thank you that we are destined to have met on this plane,
and I will see you again at some point, in this limitless space.’

~ Moojibaba