In Loving Memory of Neehar

Peter John Douglass
13 January, 1939 — 4 February, 2022

Our beloved sangha brother, Neehar, passed away today in Australia.

Neehar is a deeply cherished member of this family who was at Moojibaba’s side from the very early days of Monte Sahaja, together with his partner, Amari. Through Neehar’s wisdom, Yes! attitude and contagious positivity, Sahaja grew and flourished in this wonderful way that many even called magical. Most radiant was his love and commitment to Moojibaba and to complete Self-discovery.

Neehar’s sister, Sangito, and Amari were at his side when he left the body. Sangito shared this message with Moojibaba of his passing:

When I arrived at his bedside, with Amari by his side, Neehar was in the stage of laboured breathing. Not struggling, able to hear me speaking. I placed the phone on the pillow beside his ear and started playing the powerful message you sent him yesterday. With his eyes open, I knew he was hearing every word (we all were) and within maybe half a minute of the end of your voice, Moojiji, he closed his eyes and quietly took his last out breath and was gone! Deep, deep peace at last.’

Beloved, Neehar, son of Sahaja, our hearts are with you. May you rest in timeless peace.

Om Namah Shivaya