Online Weekend Retreat with Mooji ~ 17 – 19 MARCH

This 3-day Online Weekend Retreat is for mature and earnest seekers who have been in Satsang for some time and are deeply familiar with Moojibaba’s pointings, especially An Invitation to Freedom and what it reveals in you. It offers a format of five Satsangs over the course of the retreat, and reflects Moojibaba’s wish to engage with dedicated students who are ready to apply the guidance offered.

This retreat includes dedicated online spaces and potent guidances for contemplation to facilitate a deepening of understanding, a ripening in Being. It is a powerful opportunity to immerse yourself in the energy-field of Satsang and be established in your experiential understanding of Truth. 

Registration closes on 14 March, and a Pre-Retreat Program begins on 15 March

In a dedicated retreat area, participants can join the online Contemplative Spaces and Live Satsang Broadcast. Every Satsang, some participants are invited to join via Zoom (a different platform), where they have the opportunity to bring forward their burning questions by writing letters and engaging with Mooji. 

Through Mooji’s presence and direct pointings to Truth, the unfading love, joy and peace that so many are searching for are revealed to be our very nature and Self.

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“The highest opportunity of a human birth
is to awaken to that which brings true and lasting happiness,
unending peace and imperishable existence
—the pure Awareness essence.
The earnest seeker alone finds this.”

~ Mooji