Satsang with Mooji in the UK ~ July 2018

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to announce that Mooji’s book Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space will be published by Hodder & Stoughton in the UK and many other English speaking countries around the world. To celebrate its release, two live events are being offered in London where you may immerse yourself in the presence and pointings of this great spiritual Master.

9 July 2018 ~ An Evening with Mooji

The Light, Friends House
173 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2BJ

Join us for an engaging, heart warming and life changing opportunity to hear Mooji speak with Peter Stanford and Mark Booth, and share his profound teachings. Following the discussion, there will be a unique chance to ask Mooji questions about who we really are and how we can find true and lasting happiness. Booking is essential:

12 July 2018 ~ Satsang with Mooji

490 Commercial Road, London, E1 0HX

In Satsang, Mooji guides, challenges and responds to questioners with wisdom, love, humour and searing honesty. Through his presence and direct pointings to Truth, the unfading love, joy and peace that so many are searching for are revealed to be our very nature and Self. Satsang with Mooji is a compelling invitation to all who are called to discovering this timeless Truth. Welcome! Booking is essential:

Much love,
Mooji team