Temple of Emptiness ~ New Guided Meditation

Temple of Emptiness is a call to be one with the true Self – perfect peace, stillness and timeless Being.
Mooji’s direct guidance and immediate pointers in this meditation reveal the ever-present space of pure awareness.

‘I am consciousness,
dancing inside my infinite stillness
– to know this is freedom,
to doubt it, bondage. 

Now I am the consciousness roaming to find
the one in whom I can take rest.
Will I pass your house?
God says,
‘Make your house into a temple of emptiness
and I will come and live there.’


Temple of Emptiness is available in the Mooji Sangha Shop as a CD or Downloadable. CD orders also receive the Downloadable tracks.

This guidance is offered both with and without music. The original ambient music is carefully arranged to support the flow of Mooji’s words.