Live Bhajans for Papaji Jayanti

Online at 20:45 Lisbon time

Papaji Jayanti Celebration

We come together on 13 October to celebrate the Jayanti (birthday) of beloved Sri H.W.L. Poonja, one of the greatest and most revered sages of our time.

Sri Poonjaji, lovingly known as Papaji, is Moojibaba’s spiritual Master. All veneration and praises to Papaji, the very essence and evidence of Truth. In you we find total peace, joy and contentment. We meet you through our beloved Moojibaba, and we offer our deepest gratitude to you.

Jai Papaji!

In honour of this auspicious day, we are happy to share a powerful collection of Papaji Satsang Recordings and there will also be Bhajans with Jai Sahaja! broadcast from Monte Sahaja.

Live Bhajans with Jai Sahaja!

Friday, 13 October at 20:45 (8.45pm Lisbon time)

Jai Sahaja! will offer Bhajans in praise and reverence for our beloved Papaji.

All are welcome to join this celebration, to sing, to dance, or simply sit and enjoy this uplifting music emanating from the heart of Satsang.

The broadcast will take place in the live player at the top of this page. Please refresh the page if it does not start automatically at the scheduled time.

Papaji satsangs

Receive the direct darshan of the Master through this collection of powerful excerpts from Satsang with Papaji. A new compilation will also be added on Papaji Jayanti.

Simply Be and that is all. Have faith in this I Am, which doesn't refer to any person. All Beings are this I Am which is seated in the cavity of your Heart. ~ Papaji

Papaji and moojibaba

Precious gems of Moojibaba and his Master.

Beloved Papaji,

Prostrations at the feet of my Master, the embodiment of grace, wisdom and love;
the light of whose presence dispels all doubts and delusion, thus establishing the mind in its original state – Unborn Awareness

~ Moojibaba

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