Quote of the day

2 December 2019

The thought, ‘I want to be free,’ is perceivable.
That which perceives the thought, ‘I want to be free,’
is that itself bound or un-free?
To grasp this thoroughly is a great spiritual
transcendence, for in an instant you have avoided
one of the mind’s greatest snares.
There was a time when our thoughts carried
so much credibility, so much force and belief,
that as soon as they arose they took hold of us.
As we learn to observe with detachment,
it gradually becomes clear that
if you are observing something,
that thing cannot be the observer of it.
You, the observer, see all this play
as and when it arises.
You witness what comes and goes.
Consider: if you were any of that,
then when they go you would also be gone.
But you are still here to witness
their comings and goings.
Who are you?
A cloud is passing by,
its name is ‘I want to be free’.
Remember yourself, you are the unchanging sky
where innumerable clouds float by
without leaving a single trace.
Acknowledge this and be happy.