Quote of the day

1 December 2023

We all know the sense of being. Without practising
anything, all beings naturally refer to themselves as ‘I’,
I am or I exist. ‘Am’ means to exist, to be. But do we
know who is the ‘I’ that am? The ‘I’ that exists?
The sense of existence is naturally present within us
and is an unquestionable conviction and sense for all
living beings. It is there at the beginning of perception.
It functions during the waking state as the witness and
observer of all that appears within us, consciousness.
This feeling, ‘I am’, ‘I exist’, is the natural, untaught
way by which we recognise our very own existence.
Avoid the tendency of thinking that the ‘I am’ is some
special state that we have to search for. It is just the very
natural sense of being. Recognise and confirm this.