Quote of the day

1 June 2022

What would you care to hold onto
if the future can never be what you imagine,
which, incidentally, it never is?
Don’t we all know this, yet secretly refuse to admit it?
Future is based on certain cherished ideas
we have about what we wish and hope to experience,
but life does not serve or grant such projections.
God is not so unkind as to fulfil all our dreams,
and for good reason.

Life yields the food for every living thing to evolve.
There is a great compassion and harmony in that,
though few recognise it. One should trust this.
If you are too intent on the fulfilment
of your projections you will never be happy,
because life is not here to satisfy your person.
The wise one, recognising the fruitlessness
of such pursuit, relaxes into a deep state of surrender
and discovers the beautiful synchronicity
with all that is.
We must mature spiritually
until this is our natural experience.
The one without past, future or even present,
alone is timelessly happy.