Quote of the day

10 October 2018

Here as you are now, what is your experience?
This now-ness, this Now of now. Past is past—gone!
It is only perpetuated through memory,
but the actuality of what you call past is unrepeatable.
The future—it is only an idea.
Nobody has ever experienced the future.
You only experience now-ness.
What are you right now?
Whatever has passed, meaningfully,
is embodied in the Now; the debris discharged.
You are Here, whole and One.
If you don’t touch past or project any idea of future,
as you are in this moment, without going to the mind
or stirring up unnecessary thought—who are you?
What has happened? Where is any problem?
What is reality?
You are Here. If you move in Here as Here itself,
even as your legs move,
can you say when you arrive ‘there’?
What exactly is ‘here’ or ‘there’ for that
which perceives both?
No imagination is needed now, no creativity required.
In your sober being, no image is lastingly true.
Don’t wait for the next hit, the next movement
or the next experience for that too will pass.
You are Here, simply Here.
Here is the great Silence, the great Stillness.
The uncreated Stillness. The impeccable Silence.
The fullness of Being. The concept-free Reality.
Your unblemished Self.
How are you when you are not in a state of waiting?
Neither wishing for change nor holding onto any story.
Free from attachment to any ideal.
Who is there to suffer? Or even rejoice?
Notice that all things come and go of their own accord.
All things pass—except This—your Self.
See with your true inner eyes and confirm.