Quote of the day

12 February 2019

Nothing has to be wrong for the mind
to launch an attack.
Nothing has to be wrong for it
to make up big stories, out of nothing actually.
There only has to be a seed of a thought
given attention, ‘Hmm, there’s still some separation…?’
And the mind says, ‘You see?
I’ve been trying to tell you!’ and there you go,
sailing off down the road with the unstable
and unreliable mind. It can happen just like this.
The mind doesn’t need any substance or truth.
You can give him anything.
He is like a goat—he eats anything.
And we are quick to believe anything it says.
Our life is chiefly made up of thoughts, interpretations
—and wrong interpretations also,
based upon fear, desire and rejection.
This is why I say: pay attention
to the sense of being—the Self.
Be one with the Self, rather than trying
to pick and choose through
the innumerable thoughts and sensations
that mind tends to see
—which one is true and which is false.
You can spend lifetimes doing this
and you will never come to the end of it.
As soon as you finish pruning this tree,
new leaves are coming.
So don’t waste time cleaning up the mind.
Stay as the Self. As you train your attention
and mind to stay as the Self, the space
in which the mind and person lives vanishes.
Thus you come to experience a completeness,
a contentment in just resting in and as the Self.
And when you are content, the interest
will fall away from these other rooms
and their contents.
The feeling of separation, or even union,
all of this becomes redundant as thoughts.
You simply are. There is a unity in that.
There is a harmony in this.
And where no doubts come,
there is even no need for union or separation.
You experience real unity
beyond even the concept of unity.
This is your natural state.