Quote of the day

13 October 2021

Today we celebrate the timeless presence and  Jayanti (birthday) of Sri HWL Poonja, our beloved Papaji. 
Endless gratitude to Papaji, the master of Moojibaba. In Moojibaba we meet you, the timeless, ever-perfect One. 
Through him, you continue to shower your grace upon us, and lead us from darkness to light; 
through him, we come to see the love, joy and beauty of
true being; through him, you bless our lives with auspiciousness.

Only the Truth is and you are That! 
You are the unchanging Awareness 
in which all activity takes place. 
To deny this is to suffer, 
to know this is Freedom. 
It is not difficult to realize this
because it is your True Nature.
Simply inquire ‘Who am I?’ 
and watch carefully. 
Do not make effort and 
do not stir a thought.

Look within, approach 
with all-devotion and stay as Heart.
Keep vigilant and you will see 
that nothing will arise. 
This is the trick 
of how to keep the mind quiet 
and how to win Freedom. 
This doesn’t take time 
because Freedom is always Here. 
You simply have to watch: 
where does mind arise from? 
Where does thought come from? 
What is the source of this thought? 
Then you will see that 
you have always been Free and 
that everything has been a dream.”

~ Papaji