Quote of the day

13 April 2022

You cannot be troubled by any thought which has no meaning for you. Such thoughts cannot live in you and will not leave any footprints in the consciousness. Only those thoughts which carry some psychological force or personal identity will molest you because of the energy invested in them. 

Know that you are formless and impersonal consciousness. 
No thought can exist apart from you. No thought is self-employed. Thoughts require the investment of your attention and energy.
Your interest and belief sustains them. You think and believe thoughts into existence.

In fact, few are aware that the one who is suffering thoughts is itself a thought! But who is ready for such understanding? The suffering and the sufferer are two sides of the one coin.
Both are thoughts appearing on the screen of consciousness. 
That which witnesses this play is the real Self!
Your True place is the untouched, formless witness.