Quote of the day

14 October 2018

Whenever mind comes, just stay as the Awareness.
Sit in This as This itself.
He, mind, will come and do everything
to get your attention and interest
—he will call you by name and play all his best cards,
but just stay as the Awareness.
Your heart begins thumping hard, a headache is coming,
but just stay as the Awareness.
This is how I want to help you,
because this is what will actually help you
to ultimate freedom.
Let’s not focus on your problems,
because there is no end to them;
in fact, the problem-game just multiplies
and keeps your false identity alive.
I want to go to the root of everything,
not to merely trim the leaves of this tree.
Through habit, attention keeps connecting
to some images in the mind
to which you give importance
and so it seems difficult to come out from that.
But come out! How?
Seeing and confirming your position
as the witness-awareness of all mind’s play
and thus confirming through the direct experiencing
that you are the formless Seer
—this is how you come out.
This is the final fruit of true Satsang.