Quote of the day

15 January 2020

Be aware of this persistent feeling
that there is something more to do
in order to attain freedom.
Somehow, you have been brought to a stage
where you are encouraged to leave aside all intentions,
desires, judgements, attachments and fantasies,
and to simply remain quiet inside your being.
Mind is inclined to say this is not enough.
It is suggesting you take some action.
However, the Master tells you to keep quiet
and to focus on the silence of your Heart
rather than the rush of the mind.
You are advised to avoid the sense of waiting
for something to happen.
There may arise a little tension because of this advice
to not go with the movements of the mind.
Learn to identify and be with your own silence
by observing the tensions encircling it.
Observe rather than react.
Again, keep quiet.
Stay only as awareness.