Quote of the day

15 March 2023

Without the light of the sun, 
nothing can be seen.
Light is the greatest sculptor.
It reveals the forms of all things.
Salutations to the sun.
Without the light of consciousness, 
neither the sun nor its light 
nor anything else can be seen.
Salutations to consciousness.
Without you, where is the world?
Without you, what would perceive

the play of existence?
In satsang, you are introduced again and again
to consciousness, which is your own light.
You come to the recognition that 
consciousness itself is the source 
of all manifestation and that without it,
nothing can be perceived to exist.
You are both consciousness and simultaneously
the perceiver of consciousness acting.
Are you aware of this?
Without you who perceives consciousness,
neither consciousness nor its content exist.
The universe is . . . because you are.