Quote of the day

17 April 2023

In the beginning of any spiritual quest,
thoughts appear to fill and
hide something we believe
is our Self, but actually this is not a truth.
It is a common assumption and
misconception rarely questioned.
In actuality, there is no such thing as
something stopping you from being your Self.
What makes this delusion so seemingly convincing
is the unquestioned belief that we are the body,
and an objective personal self inside it.
The truth is we are not an object or thing at all,
but an awareness in which innumerable
sensations, thoughts, feelings, concepts appear
and disappear like a flow of traffic.
But the consciousness that perceives all these
comings and goings is observed to be unmoving.
This is easy to confirm if you simply
empty your mind of stored impressions and
allow it to come to complete rest.
Don’t pick up or engage in any impressions, new or old.
Notice the limitless silence and space
in which the formless subject alone is present
as a single expanse of indivisible beingness.