Quote of the day

18 July 2018

The light within us is there as a potential.
The darkness within us is there as a potential.
Beyond light and darkness is the reality that we are.
That dark-sided potential can only intimidate
the idea you have of who you are.
It cannot infest or affect your true Self.
What you are cannot be possessed;
what you think you are could be,
for that is weak, not stable.
This is where we become psychologically weak.
This is where fear lives, where resistance thrives,
where insecurity, pride and arrogance sprout from.
These forces will play in the aspect of consciousness
that is its self-portrait as a person.
As your mind continues expanding
beyond the limited, psychological self
back into the brightness of the true Self
—in this crossing over—the fiercest resistance
will likely come. Strange as it may seem,
it is just after a bright and beautiful insight
awakens within that our deepest fears manifest.
In the moment, you may forget
these are merely clouds passing:
but observe that yourself,
the witness of all, is unmoving.