Quote of the day

18 August 2021

May each one, by grace,
be touched in such a way 
as to begin to reflect
more deeply and consciously 
upon the true meaning
and purpose of life. 
May each one become inspired
to think in a higher way,
to act from righteousness,
with loving kindness and respect.
May each one endeavour to live
without selfishness, fear or ego, 
and ultimately come to seek and
find their original nature, 
otherwise known as God-realisation
or the realisation of 
the authentic Self. 
By God’s grace, 
Satsang enters our lives
so that we may fulfil 
this one real opportunity
that exists for every human being: 
to wake up to the reality of who
or what we truly are and
thus discover what life really is. 
Out of that realisation
we naturally come to love each other, 
take care for this planet
and all the beings who live here.
This is the prayer that I make this day.