Quote of the day

2 November 2022

Having come so far as to discover
all appearances to be unreal,
the final obstacle is the identity of the seeker.
The seeker says, ‘I just want to be free,
I just want to be who I am.
That is all I want now, nothing else.’
He says, ‘Please remove the last obstacle,’
not knowing that the obstacle is he himself.
But all of this has only been our dream-talking,
dream-walking, dream-seeking.
Now through the Master’s guidance and grace,
one must twist oneself loose from
this conditioned identity as a seeker
by recognising that it too is observable,
and is therefore phenomenal.
Take time to be anchored in this
because this recognition is crucial.
The seeker remains dissatisfied and says,
‘You never answer my questions.’
The question and the questioner
have been answered
but can the ‘seeker’ accept an answer that
reveals its unreality?
He says, ‘Wow, but without me,
how can I be found?’
And I say, Without ‘you’ how can you be lost?
When this is grasped, one has found
the master key to awakening.