Quote of the day

20 December 2021

God knows nothing. Why?
Because there is nothing independent of God.
There is nothing apart from Truth to know.
You must hear and feel my words
not merely as words
but as spirit and truth.
Therefore, listen with full attention
and inside your Heart,
because this is not merely a mental exercise.
Actually, the mind gets exorcised
by the Master’s words.
The Buddha’s words are direct,
timeless, immediate.
My words must resonate.
In the search for Truth, resonance is the fastest
and highest way.
Through synchronicity, everything is assimilated
very easily, like a natural osmosis.
Just you are.
This knowledge is the goal of all earnest striving.
‘I am’—there is nothing apart to report.
You just quietly and joyfully merge
inside your own ocean
and what emerges out of that absorption
is a book the world has not yet read.
The book is writing itself in its very unfolding.
The author and the book are One.