Quote of the day

20 April 2022

A wave is ocean, and when it rises up, it is given the
name ‘wave’. When it is given this name, it is like it has
an independent existence. It seems to roll along the
surface, which is all water—water flowing in water—
and this we call a life. Then it subsides and this is called
death. Actually nothing happened to the water. It is
just a natural movement, but because name and form
are attributed to it, it appears as a separate existence, or
entity. All the while it is only the play of water rising,
flowing, subsiding—no story. Mind makes the story by
creating an illusory identity. In true understanding, it is
all one. When the identity rises up, we celebrate it as a
birth and when it flows, we call it life. When it subsides,
we call it death and grieve. But really, if you look from
the perspective of the True, nothing really happened
except the dreamed life of a ghost comes to an end.