Quote of the day

27 March 2023

Contemplate deeply
what I am about to say now.
Grasp it and you will be out
of the mind trap for good!

You say you are trying very hard
to be the presence.
But that which observes the effort
to be the presence,
is that making any effort?

The flip side of the ego is pure awareness.
Flick over into the awareness position
in which the effort to be the presence
is seen in much the same way
as you would watch a movie of yourself.
The one watching the movie is separate from
the image of himself which is unreal.
There is a natural detachment present.
That which is observing the effort,
can it be other than your Self,
the living, unchanging source?

Pay attention to yourself as
the serene and formless seer
instead of identifying
with the frustrated seeker.
Do you feel the difference?
Confirm your reality here
as the formless observing.
You are already the ‘somewhere’
you are trying to get to.
Be clear about this in your Heart.