Quote of the day

27 August 2021

When you are experiencing with your attention rooted in being, your mind is no longer collecting outer impressions and the usual noise of the world goes unnoticed. All is replaced by this field of seamless awareness. For most people, their attention is engaged with sensory perception, and the noise produced there becomes the background of their being.

But for one who is absorbed in the Self, the most profound experience is that of unbroken,
soundless Awareness, in which all phenomena appear and disappear without trace. For the one who has lost interest in the mind play, impressions drift further and further away from the heart of perceiving. This should be everyone’s unbroken experience. However, when we get wrapped up in the scenarios created by the mind, we will be distracted.

As you stabilise more in the Self, you find and enjoy peace even in the midst of daily life. The sense ‘I’ in you becomes a synonym for peace and harmony. For such a one knows he is not just the body or mind,
nor is the body-mind a mere container or an antenna for receiving the incessant noise and impressions of the world. Even amidst the worldly traffic of sensations, the awakened one remains unperturbed, abiding effortlessly in the silence of Being. The mind of an awakened one is like a space in which phenomena appear and disappear,
yet nothing sticks.