Quote of the day

28 February 2019

Just keep quiet.
Stay as you are.
You don’t have to listen to
every thought that comes in your mind.
Certainly you don’t have to follow them.
That which wants to follow them,
is the habitual identity
that you keep thinking is you.
The idea we have of who we are
is suffering from its own projections.
You have to come to know the difference
between your mind and your Self.
You are the witness of the mind
as thought, sensations—all of this.
I am looking at my hand
—is my hand looking at me?
The seeing begins with you.
What is being seen
are phenomenal appearances,
they come and go.
Even the very body is itself perceived.
Where is this perceiver located?
Don’t scratch your head too much.
Invite the question and let it search you.